Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dining Hall Construction

Some of the children in our Nampula orphanage in front of the new dining hall after the walls and roof went up.

Couples participating in our marriage conference. Even though construction is not completely finished we were able to have our bi-annual youth conference and marriage conference inside the new dining hall. We had over 200 people attend each conference with plenty of space for more next year. In the past we have had to rent facilities outside the orphanage to fit all who want to attend. These conferences promote Christian family values and aim to help marriages stay together and support one another. In this photo you can also see the roof’s structure from the inside.

What the dining hall looks like now.

Thank you so much for all the donations that have enabled us to build the dining hall up to this point!

Revolution Day!

A statue of Samora Machel, the first president of Mozambique, sits in front of the courthouse and government offices in the city center of Nampula.

The kids love going to the town center on holidays. September 25th is Revolution Day, a national holiday celebrating the beginning of the war for independence from the Portuguese colonizers. (The Portuguese started colonizing Mozambique in the 1500s and the war for independence was lasted from 1964-1974. It was immediately followed by a civil war that lasted until 1992.)