Sunday, June 26, 2016

Marriage Conference

By Victor 

Over the past fifteen years we have been working only with kids, but now we have the opportunity to work with parents and married couples in the community. One of the main goals of the marriage conference is to help build up the base structure of the family, the marriage between husband and wife, something that has suffered greatly in this country. As we build up families with God’s word and allow Him to use us in bringing messages of restoration to broken marriages, we believe we can prevent more children from becoming orphans and also help families to see the need to care for orphans. When broken families are healed and relationships are stronger, we will have more godly families and citizens and the name of Christ will be glorified throughout the cities. The speakers at the conference included Victor, Pastor Hasuell Banda from Living Water Church in Malawi, and Elder John Nichols from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Georgia, U.S. Two pastors gave devotionals, Pastor Abel, an overseer in the Wesleyan Church in Northern Mozambique and Pastor Martinho, the Bishop of Peace of Christ Evangelical Church.

Pastor Banda, from Malawi, preaching in English with Victor translating into Portuguese.

Being in ministry, it is easy to burn out and lose focus of one’s relationship with God in the name of serving others. Knowing that this is a reality, we invited Pastor Hasuell Banda to come and encourage the people. Pastor Banda taught on the subject of being a leader and on his devotional life. His message touched every pastor, husband, and wife present. We are very thankful that through his teaching leaders are focusing more on their spiritual life, rather than just focusing all their energy on caring for others. Thank you brother Banda for your obedience and willingness to take a 16-hour bus trip to come and stretch the church in Nampula.

Christina and Mauridi John leading praise and worship. They are originally from the DR Congo and we have been greatly blessed over the past decade by the beautiful music of all our friends from the Congo. There is really nothing else like it.

John Nichols teaching on stewardship.

Whether poor or rich, finances are often a source of struggle in marriages. Many couples separate or get divorced because of financial disagreements. Mozambique is no different from any other country. It is not uncommon to find married couples, even within the body of Christ, in which all the familial assets are regarded solely as the husbands. Women can go through decades of marriage without knowing the husband’s income. Similarly, decision-making within the household is often unilateral and agreements are not made together. Each year at the conference, we tackle different issues with the intention of continuing to equip the body of Christ. This year I asked John Nichols from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Georgia, a fellow board member of Evanjáfrica, to bring teaching on financial stewardship. It was a blessing for all of the participants in the conference to hear him share on the biblical approach to managing finances. We thank God because we are already getting phone calls from some of the participants thanking us for enhancing their marriage. We can see that Satan is losing ground and God is gaining glory!

Pastor Abel with his wife Laura and Pastor Banda

Behind the Scenes: Friend from Congo, Joe from Georgia, Auston from South Carolina, Visado, and Charity from Washington.