Monday, February 8, 2016

February 2016 Update

Rosa (red striped shirt), Argentina (green shirt), Artimisa (pink shirt), and Charity (black shirt) taking the kids to school on opening day.

By Victor


It is always exciting to arrive at the beginning of a new school year, which is February in Mozambique. It makes us dream of graduation day, and every graduation takes us back in time as we remember how we got there. We reminiscence about the day we took a scared and fragile child from a situation where a happy future wasn’t even a hope, and then we got to see his life restored and his dreams come to fruition. With hard work and dedication, she became not only a working professional, but an integral parts of the community: A lawyer - standing to defend the oppressed. A chef - working in the kitchen of one of Mozambique’s new five star hotels. A hair dresser - beautifying women who come in to get their hair done and leave with an encouraging word. A mechanic - fixing the car that is another man’s lifeblood. A Teacher - fighting against illiteracy and poverty and preparing future generations for change. A nurse - treating and comforting the wounded in their sick beds. And above all, preachers - bringing the Good News of salvation for lost souls through the testimony and practice of faith in Christ. 

Lazaro and Gracio graduated from Jean Piaget University

We are so happy to tell you that at the end of 2015 Lazaro and Gracio graduated from university with law degrees! Praise God! Pacheco (VoVo) and Leonora are still studying law, Oscar is studying psychology, Calton is studying sociology and Gil is studying community development at different universities. We would like to greatly thank those who are funding their education. Your generosity goes such a long way!

Manuel grew up in the orphanage and has dreamed of being a doctor since he was a little boy. He will be starting his first year of medical university this month.

Among our 2015 secondary school graduates we have one student, Manuel, who will be starting medical school in Beira this month. The tuition will cost $1,500 each year. If anyone is interested in helping with the cost, please contact us through email at

Nampula Orphanage 

Before last year almost all our kids had grown into teenagers or young adults, so our staff had tons of help. Now most of this generation has moved on. Last year we accepted 15 new little children into the orphanage and this year we expect to take in 20 more! In the next few months about 95% of our kids will be under age 11, which will bring a big shift in atmosphere and a lot more responsibility for those who are serving with us. God has been providing us with an excellent staff who have a lot of love to give. Please pray that God’s hand will continue to be on all our children and staff this year.

Cuamba Orphanage 

Evangelism and music time with Cuamba kids.

We are continuing to work with 16 local kids who are orphans, as we build our second orphanage in Cuamba. Please continue to pray for progress on the construction of our first building and that these children will know God and that he will protect them in the places where they sleep each night.


Charity with kids at our Nampula Orphanage.

Charity from Vancouver, Washington just graduated from the University of Washington and is now serving at the orphanage for six months. She is teaching English to the kids and staff as well as passing on some organizational skills to our office people. We thank God for bringing Charity to us at this time. The kids love her and she is a great encouragement to the staff. She is also involved in construction and everything else that goes on at the orfanato - some planned and others unexpected!

Prayer Requests
  • That God will give the staff everything they need to be good parents to the kids. 
  • That the Holy Spirit will guide new children away from witchcraft, animism, and ancestor worship and that they will know the truth of God’s word.
  • For physical health and safety for the kids and staff.
  • That we will meet our budget each month and be able to provide the staff with higher pay on a consistent basis.
  • Jobs for our kids who have graduated.

Thank you so much to our amazing supporters! All that we do is only possible because of you!

Nampula Kids with their new backpacks at our orphanage wall on the first day of school.