Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Music: Eu Ti Adorarei Meu Senhor

Our kids singing at our last conference in August.

It is so fun to watch kids like Ofeita and Stela (singing) come into the orphanage as tiny little girls and then grow up to be young ladies who are leaders in the orphanage, church and community. Jeremias (guitar) was also in the orphanage for over ten years and is now in law school. Mauridi (leading singing and guitar) is a long-time friend of Evanjafrica and used to do evangelism with Victor. He originally came to Mozambique as a refugee from the war in the Congo. The choirs from the Congo have a reputation for being some of the best you will ever hear and Mauridi is one of the most gifted musicians among them. Rosa, one of our interns, is on the far left (mostly out of view). Her voice and leadership have been a great asset to the orphanage and band. Videos can not capture the beauty, strength, and emotional fullness of African church music, but hopefully this will give you a little taste!

Ofeita and Stela in the orfanato in 2007

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kids Eat Cheeseburgers for the First Time Ever!!!

Victor and Canana grilled burgers for the kids. It was the first time any of them have ever had a burger before in their lives. Everyone loved it!