Friday, August 29, 2014

Catching Up

Jordao, Isaque, Belson, Canito, and Enoque.  (Photo by Grace Boto)

Dear Family and Friends,

Over the next few weeks we would like to catch up on our blog and tell about what’s been happening in Mozambique and with us over the past year.


Our family is currently on furlough in the U.S.  We originally planned to be here only a few months but are now going to stay longer to work on fundraising and expanding the services of our ministry in Mozambique.  We are also staying longer to get speech therapy and other services for our four-year-old son, Yohani, who was recently diagnosed with Autism. 

We first noticed that Yohani was behind in his development when he was about six months old, but didn’t realize how serious it was until he got older and still never began to talk.  When we were in Seattle in 2012 Yohani got into a program for kids with developmental delays and started progressing with signing, speech, and in other areas for the first time.  But the next year in Mozambique he stopped moving forward again.  We have prayed about this constantly and have prayed for Yohani’s life since before he was born. 

After arriving in the U.S. a few months ago, Yohani was able to get into an amazing special education program and now has some phenomenal teachers, therapists, and other professionals working with him in and out of school.  We feel that this has been a huge answer to prayer as we have seen Yohani open up to things that we couldn’t imagine him doing before.  We love everything about Yohani and don’t even have words to describe the joy he has brought into our lives.  We are so grateful to be here getting services for Yohani at this time.  Yohani is still not talking and we would love your prayers for his progress and development.

Our girls, Leila and Aya just turned two and are greatly enjoying the treats of America – spending time with family and friends, cheeseburgers, pizza, Sunday School, wading pools, pet dogs, air conditioning, and Daniel Tiger.  I know they miss the kids back in the orphanage and still use some of the Portuguese and Macua words they learned there that I didn’t even know!

Kids and staff praying at the mountain.


Since we've been in the U.S. the orphanage staff has been doing a wonderful job with the kids.  Victor keeps in contact with them through skype every day and we have been greatly impressed with how smoothly things have been going.  All the kids are on track in school and a small group of our kids from the orphanage have recently graduated from trade school.  We also thank God that there have not been any serious illnesses among any of the kids or staff since we’ve been gone.


Daniel (Photo by Grace Boto)
Cuamba, a small town in the province north of Nampula, has many orphans but no orphanages, and over the past few years we have had to reject many requests to help kids from there because of regulations against moving orphans to another province.  For almost ten years Victor has dreamed of one day setting up an orphanage in Cuamba in the same way that he set up the orphanage in Nampula.  Before I ever met him, Victor had already purchased a piece of land there, and last year he traded it for something better for starting something like this.  Over the past few months Daniel, one of our staff members who grew up in our orphanage in Nampula, has been in Cuamba doing preliminary work for starting a feeding program for orphans there.  We are excited about expanding our services to help more children in Mozambique and would greatly appreciate your prayers for God’s guidance and work in the lives of the most vulnerable kids who we hope to work with in Cuamba.


While we are here in the U.S. we hope to visit as many churches as possible so that we may share the work and ministry in Mozambique with people who may want to partner with us in caring for orphans, helping widows become self-sustaining, providing scholarships for young people from poor families, training local pastors, evangelizing, and much more.  Please pray that God will open doors for us to be able to share and connect with people in a variety of churches.

Thank you all so much for still remembering us, praying for us, and supporting us during this past year when we have been so quiet.

Love, Victor and Christina

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