Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Parents Visit

My mom with 3 of her grandkids!
I love my parents so much and it's hard being so far away from them, especially now that we have kids!  The two weeks they visited were a great treasure to us and we LOVED every second of our time with them!
My dad's orphanage chess clinic!

Everyone got crazy for chess those two weeks!

SO FUN for me to get to see my kids and my parents doing normal stuff together, like breakfast.

Victor showing my mom the farm.
Victor showing my dad the farm.

Making dinner.

Yohani and Aya.

We went to the coast for a few nights, to beautiful Chocas on the Indian Ocean.
The bungalow we stayed in.
Relaxing in hammocks.
Baby feeding station.

We stopped to say hi to Janete and her baby, Osvaldo, on the way home.  Janete grew up in the orphanage and is now a teacher in a district near the coast.

My dad preaching in our little church.  He talked about hospitality and about three different times Jesus visited people's houses.  Macua people are very hospitable so they could really relate to the message.
My dad was SO happy to be able to baptize a little over 20 people while he was here.  They were mostly kids from the orphanage and a few others from church.  The baptisms always make me really emotional - especially when I think about where the kids are coming from and what their decision to follow Jesus and get baptized means to them.


Salmon, Manuel, Mauricio, Samito, Enoque, and Edwil.
Nolita, Luisa, Ronilda, Minoca, Gracie, Virginia, Graca, Anabela, and Cocas.
Leaving for Girls Bible Study with Gracie.

Edwil, Madalena, and Dorcas.
Salmon modeling his own creation.  He has paper hats for several different teams!
Home-made foosball!
Creepy still-alive mango spider (a.k.a. "Bunny Spider" because they're the size of bunnies) hanging from our tree.
Pilonte, one of our older kids, has been helping in the office a lot lately and doing a great job.  Carlitos (standing) grew up in the orphanage, went to trade school to learn accounting, and is now on staff here, managing administrative stuff.  We are very grateful for his hard work and exceptional patience working with various institutions in town.
Enoque's colorful artwork.
All the above photos were taken by my mom (except the ones she's in of course)!
 SO sad saying goodbye to my parents and praying visits with them will somehow be frequent!  I am SO grateful for all the time I've been able to spend with my family since moving so far away.  And I'm so grateful for the close relationships that my parents have developed with all the kids in the orfanato since the first time they came here in 2007.  We all love them and miss them too much!


Cheryl Nichols said...

Oh my!! Christina this just gave me chills watching your parents and y'all enjoying time together. How very Special!! I know! What a real Blessing to see so many baptized. We love y'all and pray
God's Blessing on you all. Can't wait till I can be there and p lay with some Little Carlos kids!
Momma Cheryl

Cheryl Nichols said...

It brought tears of joy to my eyes and heart!!