Saturday, May 18, 2013

3 More New Children

Enoche, age 7, Madalena, age 4, and Luísa, age 13.

Arriving at the orfanato with all their belongings in this world.
 Praying for their future here.
Coloring for the first time.
Playing with the other kids.

Luisa likes playing Uno, Enoque loves soccer, and Madalena enjoys pretend cooking!  We are so happy to have these sweet kids here and greatly look forward to seeing who they will become in the future!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cocas, LeeLee, Isaque, Yohani, Canito, Aya, and Belson
Canito, Aya, Isaque, Yohani, Belson, Cocas, and LeeLee

Friday, May 10, 2013

Visit from Bob and Judy

We had a wonderful visit from Bob and Judy Weathers, dear family friends who I have known since I was four.  It was a privilege to have them here and for our children and the kids to get to play with them.  Bob and Judy are people who truly live out their beliefs and faith in God in everything that they do, so it is always inspiring to be around them.

We had lots of great conversations in our kitchen.

Judy brought beads so all the girls could make bracelets, which they loved.  
(Cocas and LeeLee, Ronilda, Judy, Dorcas Graça, Virginia, Atija, and Anabela.)

And hats with fabric markers for the boys to design.
(Mauricio, Merecido, Victor with Yohani, and Samito.)

Felix and Bob talking about Felix’s future (which will hopefully include college next year).

We got to go with Bob and Judy to Mozambique Island.  We wanted them to see it because it has some of the oldest and largest historical ruins in the Southern Hemisphere.  Ilha de Moçambique (in Portuguese) was the colonial capital of Portuguese East Africa for hundreds of years.  I always find it so interesting to see what the whole island looks like now, a few decades after independence.  We also wanted Bob and Judy to see the two-hour drive through the Mozambican countryside, to the Indian Ocean coast (though it probably wasn’t that pleasant with three babies in the car).
Victor and Yohani with one of the cannons in the fort, which is like a castle.

Judy and Bob with Leila, on the overgrown roof of the fort.

Me with Yohani and Aya on the restored part of the roof.

Bob (who is very tall) with probably one of the biggest oven vents in the world.

Lunch on Mozambique Island.

Thank you Bob and Judy for visiting us here in Nampula!  We loved our time with you!