Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Tree Garden

Belson, Dionisio, Marinho, Merecido, Gil, Mauricio, Canito
Canito, Isaque, Francisco, Martinho

A while after we returned here I strolled the babies around every part of the orfanato and as we passed behind where the kids hang all their laundry we discovered a little tree garden hidden back against the far right wall.  The edge of the property is lined with young trees with leaves always rustling in the breeze.  Now beneath the trees are dozens of little clusters of tiny leaves in every brilliant shade of green you can imagine. 

Victor told me it’s the boys tree planting project.  I asked them about it and they told me that a group of them have been saving fruit seeds and plastic wrappers from the chicken that’s donated to the orfanato each month.  They replant the seeds in the left over chicken bags and then tend to them everyday until they begin growing into little trees.

Their project is truly amazing.  They use all things that we would consider trash to grow tiny little plants that will soon become huge beautiful trees that give delicious nourishing fruit, shade from the sweltering heat, shelter from rain storms, and fresh air for everyone.
Lemon, Tangerine, Ata, and Coração de Boi Trees with mango seeds drying out on a plastic bag.
Eucalyptus, Papaya, Acacia, and Ata Trees.
Papaya Trees.
Guava Fruit Tree.
Acacia Trees.
Lychee Fruit Trees.
Lemon, Orange, Ata, and Tangerine Trees.
Dionisio and Lemon Tree.
Banana Tree.
Canito and Avocado Tree.
Gil and Cassava Plants.
Belson, Isaque, and Canito with little bean plants.
Canito, Canito, Mauricio, Marinho, Dionisio, Gil, Merecido, Jordão, Francisco, and Martinho.


Anonymous said...

Praise God!! This is a longtime prayer if Victors!!
I will be praying for more little trees to grow into
Big Trees. So excited about this!! Love y'all!

Andrea said...

What a cool post, and a cool thing for them to do!

Mabuzi.com T-shirt Printing said...

Wow what a great idea and you feed yourself on wholesome nourishing food grown with love.

Anonymous said...

Love this post-- great project for your boys. And love seeing their faces. Praying for you there, for all the children and especially for the twins to grow healthy and strong. God keep you in all the good work you are doing there.