Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nelson's House

Nelson is a young man from our church that we (Evanjafrica Ministries) helped go to trade school two years ago.  He now works for a big poultry company in our area and has saved all his money and built himself a house.  We are so impressed and so proud of him for getting to this point!  He is also just a really, really nice guy who everyone here likes and respects a lot.  After completing his house Nelson invited people from church to come for a house dedication and blessing, which I think is adorable and really neat.

The house is made on a cement floor with walls made of mud bricks plastered with concrete.  The roof is grass.  This is a good step up from the houses that are made only of mud and is how the first orphanage buildings were made many years ago.  (And the greatest advantage to a house like this is that mud and grass are extremely cooler than concrete and tin!)

Nelson, sitting on a stool between the two chairs with men from church.
People from church (including Victor's parents) reading the bible and giving a blessing.
The ladies sitting on the porch.
Serving a dinner of chicken and rice.

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