Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Charles' Hand

Charles on our porch at night, waiting for a ride to his next injection and IV, with Canito, Minoca, Jeremias, Felix, and Nolita.

I don't know anyone tougher or more hard core than Victor's older brother Charles.  If you come here you may hear lots of "Charles Stories" in which Charles (pronounced more like "Sharlies" in Portuguese) does things more brave or crazy than anyone else ever would.  Charles loves his family and he loves the orphanage and he has been known to never back down from any danger in order to protect the kids

A few weeks ago Charles injured his hand so badly while changing a truck tire that he had to be hopsitalized.  He went away with a pretty bad wound on his hand, treated and bandaged.  Day after day his hand got more and more painful.  Charles has a pretty high pain threshold but at some point he couldn't take it anymore and could hardly even stay conscious.  Victor took him to a different hospital and after inspecting his much worse wound, they told him his hand had gangrene and would have to be amputated.

Victor and Charles went around looking for another way until they found a doctor from China who said that he could save Charles hand.  Victor watched him, with no anesthesia whatsoever, open Charles hand, stick a huge metal clamp inside it, remove some stuff, and bandage it up again.  After that Charles was taken back to the doctor twice a day to have the inside of the wound cleaned again and again.  Instead of being hospitalized, they found a nurse living nearby who was able to administer an IV and antibiotic injections every morning and every night, in her house.  So each morning and evening  Victor or TJ would take Charles to the hospital and to the nurse's house for all this treatment.  At one point Victor was driving all over the city - going to different medical people's houses, looking for different medicines and equipment people were selling out of their homes, to make this all happen.  This is Africa - sometimes everything is impossible or anything is possible and it turns out medical care is just like everything else in a way.

And just for an update (a few weeks later now) Charles hand is getting back to normal and so is he!  Another thing we are thankful for!

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Jamie Bagge said...

wow, what a story! So thankful that his hand is recovering! Praise the Lord!