Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Great Day With The International Youth Group!

Today we had the most fun day ever with the International Youth Group!  

There was a huge exciting game of Capture the Flag,

another game where people have to make their way through squares drawn in the sand without being tagged by the other team who is running in cooridors between the squares,

a meal of rice and beans shared together,

cookie frosting and eating,

and futebol.

Yohani, Kira, Kat, Caden, Renata with Aya, and Priscila.

Daniel, Nolita (inside), Ana, Ana, Beverley with Leila, Celine, Leticia, and Virginia.

Ronilda, Priscila, and Cocas.

Leila, Nolita, and Gracie.

Ashley and Felix.

After a great day they knew how to leave in style!  

Thank you Youth Group for such a fun visit!  We hope you will keep coming many more times!

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