Thursday, November 22, 2012

Viper in the Night

Last night there was a huge commotion outside our house with a lot of screaming.  I went to see what was going on.  A bunch of the kids were in this big crowd screaming and running away and then slowly approaching again and then screaming and running away and then coming back.  Then I saw that Silimone was in the middle of it all, wildly attacking something with a shovel and then I saw that it was a big snake!  The snake was already chopped in half but both sides were wriggling around as if there were two snakes, which made it seem unpredictable and like it was still on the attack!  I have already learned that you can be poisoned by a snake that is dead, so it is very important to discard the snake properly and right away.  After it had finally stopped moving Silimone went back to his house and Pilonte scooped it up with a shovel, scared the other kids with it for a few minutes, and then went off to burn and bury it.  The kids said it was a viper.  I have completely forgotten about snakes here but this makes me realize that I have to be more aware and not leave our front door open at night!  

Mozambique has almost all of Africa’s most dangerous snakes including the Black Mamba (if you get bit and don’t get anti-venom in time you have a 100% chance of death), the Mozambique Spitting Cobra (second most dangerous snake in Africa, can spit 9 feet), the Puff Adder (accounts for most snake bite fatalities in Africa, good swimmer, good climber), Vipers, Boomslangs, and finally - my personal most terrifying snake – the African Rock Python (which supposedly can drag a full grown man into a tree)!  I don’t know where these photos originally started but they are all over the internet and if you want to see the most brave/crazy/insane men on earth – this site has a few pictures of the African Snake Hunters catching a Rock Python!  Silimone says he saw one outside his class when he was in Bible school and I asked him what it was doing and he said all he saw was a whole crowd of people running for their lives and then the snake pass by!

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