Monday, November 5, 2012

Visit from the Race Across Nampula

There is an international youth group in our area with young people from all over the world.  This Saturday they had a “Race Across Nampula” where six teams raced from place to place around the city doing various tasks.  The orfanato was one of their stops and each team arrived one-by-one and did a different task, which was really fun for the kids to watch!

The first team played with some of our little kids.  Later I realized how strange and funny this must have been for the kids – to have new friends run in, play with them very intensely for 20 minutes, and then run out (since it was a race of course)! 

The second and fourth teams to arrive did a bunch of our little kids’ laundry.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of all our kids watching them do the laundry but it was probably really fun to see kids from other countries help wash their clothes.

The third group cleaned the dinning hall.  Here they are sweeping with little African brooms.

The 5th group washed the floor

and held babies.

And the last group had to clean the bathrooms!

Some of our kids with the last group.

What a great activity from the international youth group!  Thank you for including us in such a fun event and for helping us out around the orfanato!

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