Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back to Normal Life in the Orfanato

Cocas, Leila, Yohani, Nolita, Canito, Ofeita, Marta, Ronilda, Dorcas, Atija, Leanora, and Aya on a cool 80˚ cloudy day.

Back to Sunday night meetings in our living room. 

What the girls dorm looks like now.  We still have a few more things to do before it’s completed.

VoVo and Manuel preparing chickens for dinner.  (Those are sliced onions on the little plates next to the pots.)  The chicken in Mozambique is so much more flavorful than the chicken in the U.S.

Mangos grow on all the trees and will be ripe in a few weeks.  The orphanage is full of mango and papaya trees.

Some of the kids are gardening behind the little building in the front corner of the property.

Victor preaching.  Our kids, young people from church, families from the neighborhood, and kids who used to be in the orphanage come to the Sunday night services on our property.

The most familiar little scene to me on Sunday evenings.  The setting sun casts long shadows over the sand and my childrens’ stroller tracks lead back to our little house.

(Thanks to my mom for taking all these pictures before she left!)


sailhamer said...

These little photo essays are great. I need to watch more carefully for them. Thanks.

Momsi/noni said...

So very grateful to see all the Lord is doing!! Love y'all