Monday, July 30, 2012

Leila and Aya

Aya and Leila.

We are so happy to announce the birth of our new baby girls, Leila Ann and Aya Heliane, the first week of July.

Last day of being 9 months pregnant with twins!

Victor with Aya and Leila - 5 minutes old.

Leila and Aya - first hour of life.

Victor with his new baby girls.

Uncle Peter.

Victor feeding Leila.

Emo (Aunt) Sunny.

Yohani with his new sisters.

Tia Ann with Cousin Anthony, Dawit with Aya, Uncle Peter with Leila, Me, my mom, Katie, my dad, and Ann.

Tia Ann with her new nieces.

Uncle Mike and Cousin Mia holding Aya.

Yohani - so concerned.  His life has changed forever now.

In their beautiful little hats made by Claire.

Leila and Aya.

Sisters with sisters - Erika and Ali.

More sisters with sisters - Claire and Martha.

Yohani is on his own now.

Big brother

He's very interested in them.

Victor helping Aya use the doll rocking chair (that no doll has ever fit before) and Leila and I relaxing on the porch on a rare hot Seattle summer evening.

My mom and Yohani swinging in the hammock.



Aya and Leila dancing in their first Mozambican capulanas.

Little Macuas.

Yohani, Me, Victor, Leila and Aya.  Now our team is complete!