Friday, November 4, 2011

Youth Leaders Trip To YWAM Conference In Zimbabwe

Look how little luggage Mozambicans are able to travel to another country with!!!

Early tomorrow morning we are taking a team of youth leaders on a trip to Zimbabwe to attend a YWAM conference on youth leadership.  Victor found out about the conference through our friend Elias, who is with YWAM, and decided to take our staff and several other young people and pastors who work with kids and young people in the church.  Going on any trip inside the country is a huge big deal here, so going on a trip outside the country is basically too exciting for words.  Most of the people going on the trip expressed to us that this trip is exceeding their wildest dreams for anything they ever imagined doing! 

The Team:  Back:  Fernandes, Pedro, Gabriel, Victor, Pastor Basilio, Silva, Elias, Elídio; Front:  Samuel, Jaime our driver, Osvaldo, Marta, Antonio, Tomás, Mario, and Adelia.

The Leaders:  Elias (YWAM), Marta (Evanjáfrica), Victor (Evanjáfrica), and Pastor Basilio (Asembleia de Deus Avante Pela Fé)

Last minute tire repairs.

Mechanics working on finishing touches before the trip.

New benches in the back.

Loading the luggage.

The team in the back of the Orphanage Truck, which a group of mechanics have been madly working on since it was destroyed in a crash a short while ago.

The kids look on from the shade of a nearby tree.

The drivers:  Jaime and Victor.

The team with the truck, good as new again!

More kids look on from under another tree.

And life in the orfanato continues on in the background (these three are serious about improving their goal posts for lots of soccer when the team is gone)!

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Good luck and God bless.
I hope the roads are better that when I was last passed through.

Please send the beautiful people of Zimbabwe my love.