Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Night Open Air Service

Almost a year ago we began having an open air church service every Sunday night under a big cashew tree in the orphanage.  The service goes from 4pm to 5pm just when the shadows are long enough to keep everyone in the shade.  Marta prays and the orphanage band leads singing.  Then Victor preaches and then people who want can get prayed for.  We have loud speakers so the whole neighborhood can hear the service and some people say that they listen to the singing and messages from their homes.  Other people have heard and then started coming.  Besides the kids in the orphanage and some neighbors, youth groups from different churches and even many of our friends from the Congo come once or twice a month.  After the whole thing is over some go home while others stay for hours into the night singing and dancing along with the band.  The service has a really great feel to it and it's a really nice way to reconnect with God one more time before the weekend comes to a close.

Victor preaching.

Dorcas and Yohani in the audience.

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