Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Truck Crash

Last night our truck was in a bad accident.  Amazingly nobody was killed or badly hurt.  The truck was carrying food, not people, so none of the kids were in it when it crashed and the truck it collided with was not really damaged.  Mainly we are just grateful that nobody was badly hurt.  This is Africa.  This is Mozambique.  The risks on the road here can be very, very high.  God has graciously kept us and our loved ones safe on the road time and time again.  So thank you for all your prayers!

Concerning our truck – this truck has been FANTASTIC for the life of the orphanage.  A few short years ago we were able to get it from one organization’s great generosity towards us.  In our city everyone puts messages on their vehicles, so our truck says, “Jesus Christ is the King of Glory” (in Portuguese), and the kids all call the truck “Gloria.”  Right now the cab of the truck is badly damaged but we are already working on repairs and it looks like our only serious challenge will be finding a new windshield.

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