Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sound of the Day: Batukis

This may look like a peaceful scene, but TONS of noise and sometimes even raging fires come over this wall quite often.

This morning I woke up to the sounds of the batukis and I thought to myself, “Oh, the sounds of Africa.”  Ironically I then remembered these same sounds drifting by my window in Wallingford whenever the free-spirited Seattleites had drum fests at the Good Shepherd Park near my parents’ house.  But anyway . . .  back to here in the deep heart of Africa . . . “Batukis” are traditional African drums.  In our neighborhood here on the edge of the city batukis have long been replaced by radios and loud speakers playing reggae, hip hop, and Celine Dion music.  But whenever the batukis do come back – it means there is a real traditional ceremony taking place.

The traditional ceremony of the day is the King of the Village, our neighbor, being crowned king.  We all thought he was already the king but I guess today it becomes official with a batuki ceremony.  The old king just recently passed away and he was really old and had been king since colonial times when our area was still “the jungle” and had lions roaming around in it and stuff.  The new king is like a teenager (or young 20s?) and he is pretty different from the old king.  Anyway . . . if you want to read about the new king’s wild parties you can find all that information on TJ’s blog.

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Cami Ostman said...

Dear Victor and Christina,
Many years ago I visited Nampula and I met two people I'd like to find again someone. I know Nampula is a big city, but I'm wondering if you know a fellow named Salomao Lopes? He was born circa 1974 and would be about 37 now. He translated for our group when we were there in the '90s. The other person was a woman named Gracinda. She ran a day school for children called TUPAC. Is there any chance you know either of them? Thanks! -Cami (