Thursday, September 22, 2011

Delicacy of the Day: Mowowo


One day I heard a huge commotion and then Jose crying and barely able to talk as he reported some injustice that had been inflicted upon him.  Later when all had been restored to peace and Jose was happy again, I asked TJ what happened and he explained that someone hadn’t let Jose get any mowowo.  “Wait.  There’s a word, mowowo????”  Yes – it’s the food crust still stuck to the bottom of the pot when it’s time to wash the dishes and the Macua word for it is “mowowo.”  Okay - this may not seem funny to you reading about it but in the context of everything here – I think “mowowo” is the funniest word ever.  The sound of “mowowo” somehow perfectly captures what is left in the pot – think something that looks like the remains of mashed potatoes or split pea soup.  And mowowo is somehow like a delicacy to the kids.  Don’t worry – they are getting good sized portions of food three times a day – but coming away from dinner with a palm full of beans scraped off the bottom of the pot seems to make anyone’s day here.  And the fact that it’s called “mowowo” is just SO fitting.


Merecido eating mowowo from a pot of matapa.

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momsi/Nonni said...

That is very interesting since here no one would want it. Cleaning the pot/ plate is GOOD !!! Huggs to all!!!