Saturday, September 24, 2011

Conversation of the Day:

Today two of our little girls were braiding (my hair) for fun.  These girls have played with me and called me “Mana Christina” a million times but now that they have Yohani I have suddenly become “the Mother of Yohani.”  Listening to the way the kids word things (especially in another language) is always so entertaining to me . . .

Mena (age 7):  You’re not old enough to braid yet.  Go play with Yohani.

Dorcas (age 4):  No! I need to make the Mother of Yohani’s hair look good.

Mena:  Yohani wants you to play with him.

Dorcas:  I can’t right now. I’m busy braiding the Mother of Yohani’s hair.

Mena:  You have to go play with Yohani in case a bug comes and you have to kill the bug so that it won’t get him!

Dorcas:  The Mother of Yohani will kill the bug when it comes!

Mena:  No she won’t! The Mother of Yohani also needs someone who can kill bugs!

Dorcas and Yohani playing in our living room.  Yohani LOVES Dorcas!!!

 Mena (then age 3) and me when I first came to Mozambique.

Dorcas (then age 2) and me when she first arrived at the orfanato.

 Dorcas, Mama Maria, Yohani, and Mena.

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