Friday, September 23, 2011

Animal of the Day: "Baby" Spider

Isaty with the "baby" spider.

This morning I saw this large (in my mind large) spider descending from the mango tree I was sitting under.  I asked the kids if it was dangerous and Isaty immediately jumped up and grabbed one of the spider’s legs and then Canito started playing with it and carrying it around on a little twig.  I told them I didn’t want them to bring it to me because I was scared of it.  They all thought this was really funny.  After playing with the spider they placed him/her gently back in the tree, but the spider fell out.  I asked if the spider was very old and about to die and the kids informed me that, no, he (or she) was just a “baby.”  How did they know?  Because this spider is so “little” and haven’t I seen the grown up ones?  Yikes!  Yes I have seen some gigantuan spiders here but this one seemed pretty big to me!  If you can’t tell from the pictures the body of the spider is the size of a finger.  Anyway . . . I am terrified of spiders but I actually started feeling sorry for this one when the kids were trying to help him climb back up into the tree.  They kept placing him back on the trunk and trying to help him climb up, which he eventually kind of did. 

The poor baby spider trying to climb back up the mango tree trunk.  (I think he blends in a little too well.)

(On a side note - I noticed that the spider only had 7 legs and asked the kids if they thought he was hurt cause one leg was gone.  They told me he was born this way and that in Mozambique spiders can have only 7 legs.  I was starting to think they just weren’t educated about spiders enough but then I remembered all the times I’ve thought that only to be proven wrong and learn something new.  The kids telling me this came from the jungle and I’m sure they’ve handled billions of spiders.  So now I am just going to believe that some spiders in Mozambique are born with 7 legs, until proven otherwise.)

A close up of him (or her?).  His (or her) body is the size of a finger and he (or she) is only a baby (according to the kids)!!!

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Malin said...

Hi! I found your blog googling "spiders in Mozambique". I'm a swedish young woman who plans on going to Mozambique next summer to volunteer at an orphanage. So I find your blog very interesting, I've started to read it from the very beginning. I think it is nice that you share your live on the blog :)

Anyway, I borrowed the picture of the "baby spider" and published it in my blog. Of course I wrote where I got it, in other words an URL to your blog. I also recommended your blog to people who are interested in life at an orphanage in Africa. I hope it is okay that I did so! If it not okay, just leave a comment in my blog ( and I will remove your picture.

Take care! I'm looking forward to read all that you have to say about Mozambique and your life with your husband and the orphans! :)

Greetings, Malin