Friday, August 5, 2011


Everyone at the orfanato was overjoyed to have Sarah back here this past week, even though her time here was way too short! It's hard to even describe who Sarah is to us but basically she is one of Victor's "American" sisters and the daughter of Michele and Arthur Bryngelson who have been like parents to Victor since he first met them over ten years ago! Sarah's family has been involved with this ministry and has helped Victor with the orphanage since before it even existed and Sarah grew up watching all of these kids, the ministry, and even the physical buildings grow into what they are today. So having her here was really special for us (to say the least)!
Jose, Yohani, Ofeita, Estela, Sarah, and Dorcas.
Jose, Ronilda, Regina, Cocas, Sarah, Yohani, Atija, Canito, and Ofeita.
Sweeping construction debris from one of the rooms in the soon-to-be girls dormitory.
Jordao in the background, Cocas braiding Sarah's hair, Yohani and Dorcas playing, and Belson contentedly sitting.
Sarah feeding Yohani. Yohani had a great week with Sarah!
Catching up on life, family, and friends both in the U.S. and in Mozambique.
Victor, Sarah, Yohani and I.

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