Friday, August 5, 2011

Jonas & Erica's Wedding

On July 16th Jonas and Erica got married here in Nampula. Jonas is Victor's cousin and Erica is our dear friend who is originally from Ohio but has lived here for the last two years as a teacher with MAF.
The night before the wedding the orphanage kitchen was full of ladies who spent the entire night cooking. (Animal lovers do not look too closely at this picture.)
Yohani in his wedding outfit.
In Mozambique weddings take place at the public courthouse in the center of the city and then at church. Erica's mom and best friend, Shanna, came to Africa for the first time for the wedding and here they are waiting outside the courthouse.
Jonas waiting inside the courthouse.
Erica's dad walking her down the aisle while all the people sing African wedding songs.
Now in the church. Victor was the pastor and he did the wedding in English with a Portuguese translator. Weddings here are very long so the bride and groom and wedding party sit in chairs in front of the church.
Some church leaders praying for the new couple.
Some of Erica's students - Ashley, Khosi, Beverley, Elyssa, Julianne, and Celine - played and sang and I loved the way it sounded.
Then our kids played and sang - Felix, Jeremias, Gizela, Graca, and Anabela. I always love it when our kids sing.
Erica and Jonas with their maid of honor, Shanna, and best man, Estefano, enjoyed all the wedding festivities inside the church, including lots of singing, dancing, and gift giving during the ceremony.
Leaving the church after the wedding. This is the church that Victor and Jonas grew up in and where Victor and I were married almost four years ago.
Jonas introducing Erica's mom to his five sisters.
The reception was at the orphanage - the the place where Jonas and Erica first met almost two years ago!
Me, Erica, Jonas, Victor, and Yohani. It was really a privilege to be involved in this wedding and we so happily look forward to a lot of fun with these guys in the future. They are now our neighbors, which the kids are all very happy about too!

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