Thursday, June 23, 2011

Makhuwa Makeup

Cocas, Dorcas, Ofeita, and Mena wearing traditional Macua soap mask made from a tree.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Orphanage Basketball Team

Isaque Pequeno, Estela, Ofeita, Ronilda, Canito, Belson, Atija, and Coach TJ

Monday, June 6, 2011

Girls Dorm Progress

We've had great progress on the construction of the girls dorm and all the kids have been enthusiastically helping.
The kids gather rocks in left-over cement bags, buckets made out of old plastic oil containers, and wheel barrows.
Then they (the kids and TJ) haul the rocks up on the foundation.
They use this machine to flatten out the fill-in dirt.
Then the kids dump the rocks between the stone/cement outlines and Victor makes sure they're placed evenly.
Here is the plumbing in the bathroom.
Victor told the kids that if they filled these two sections with rocks by the end of the day they would get to watch two movies.
Dorcas sitting in front of the two filled in rock sections (the kids got their two movies).
The next morning Jose was up bright and early and working hard.
Jose (and Canito) are the two smallest boys and the two most energetic workers.
The wheel barrows are used by the kids for EVERYTHING in this orphanage.
Others laying planks to make wheel barrow ramps.
More wheel barrow ramps.
Kids resting under the shade of the coconut tree.
Riquito and Isaty fixing one of the wheel barrows. It's really amazing how things are used and fixed endlessly here.
Over at the cement mixing circle the construction workers prepare more mortar for the final stage of the foundation.
Marta, Graca, and Yohani in the evening after the walls have started going up.
The completed foundation and beginning of the walls.
The walls get higher.
The builders working on the walls.
Curved windows.
From the wall at the end of the dorm.
This is the boys dorm and is just how the girls dorm will look when it's completed.

When the orphanage first started the kids were living in small dorms made from bamboo and mud, which ended up collapsing. Because of generous donations we have been able to construct our beautiful boys dorm and are now half way through the girls dorm. This year we received a $25,000 matching grant from an anonymous donor. If we get this same amount from new donors we will receive $25,000 and be able to complete the girls dorm. If anyone is interested in helping us get the matching grant (even by telling others about it) - we are registered as a non-profit in the U.S. and checks can be written to Evanjafrica and sent to

Michele Bryngelson
308 Tuggle Lane
Ridgeville, SC 29472

Thanks so much to all who have already been so extremely generous to us and gotten us to the point where we are today - in developing the orphanage and in all that's involved in caring for the kids. We are so grateful for all who make everything we do possible. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mozambican Children's Day

In Mozambique Children's Day is the biggest day of the year for kids. This year a local school donated lots of treats and the youth from a local church came to the orfanato and put on a little show for our kids and some kids from the community that we invited to join us. There was singing, dancing, jokes and riddles, a children's sermon, a skit, a puppet show, good food, lots of treats, and finally a big soccer game between the kids and the adults as the sun went down. The kids scored two goals and won! A perfect ending to kids day!