Monday, May 9, 2011

New Cousin Anthony

Baby Anthony
My sister, Ann, and I with her new baby, Anthony.
Me bonding with Baby Anthony.
Ann and Mike with Natey and Yohani.
My dad and Yohani.
Yohani and Anthony making a connection.
Anthony and Yohani riding in the car.
My mom working wtih Yohani and Baby Anthony.
A slumber party. Yohani was in heaven with the attention he got from his cousins!
Natey, Yohani, and Mia.
Ann reading Yohani and Mia a story.
Sunny and Peter with Natey and Yohani.
Sunny and Peter with Mia, Natey, and Yohani.
Ann and her new baby Anthony.
Ann, my mom, Yohani and I.
My mom with three of her grandkids.
Mia and Yohani reuniting.
Mia feeding Yohani.
Mia and Yohani playing patty cake.
Cousins in Mozambican capulana pants (and skirt for Mia).

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