Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wonderful Libby!

Libby, Isaque Pequeno, Friend, Canito, Jose, Friend, and Jordao taking a break in the middle of the funniest game ever (it was the funniest game ever because Jose was the goalie).

Our good friend Libby came for two weeks and we all had a blast playing with her! It was either tons of soccer, speaking Italiaguese, sharing funny stories, baking Icelandic cakes, extreme experiences in the city, or just hanging out!
Libby dazzled everyone with her talents on the field!

This week there were a few afternoons with perfect weather for playing (meaning it wasn't scorching hot).

The goal keeper. Jose is SO cute and everyone enjoys him immensely. When Jose's the goalie it guarentees that the other team will win, no matter what (even if the 10 best players are all on the same team with him). And for some reason eveyone accepts him being the goalie again and again - maybe because he is SO entertaining (and serious about his position)!

The audience: Canito, Minoca, and Yohani.

Sunday evening . .

Estefano and Jeremias.

Anabela and Nolita.

Ofeita and Jose.

Brother and sister, Dionisio and Estela. These two have been through a lot and we are so thankful for Dionisio's good health as he had some severe issues last year that have all been resolved now.

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