Saturday, January 8, 2011

Victor's Family BBQ

Yohani with his aunt, Heliane, and cousin, Vana. Today is Heliane's 23rd birthday. She currently lives in Beira where she is studying accounting at a university there and she is back in Nampula just for Christmas break.
Yohani playing with his aunts, Estalinda and Dimisa, and cousin, Vana.
Everyone loves it when Yohani gets riled up.
Victor BBQing, Alberto, Zaqueio, and Jonas making rice (and Jonas really knows how to make good rice).
Victor BBQing chicken, beef, and fish with his niece Vana. (Maybe Vana's thinking about the sharp teeth of that giant fish head cause that's basically the only thing I could think about once it appeared on the wheelbarrow grill.)
Victor grilling the fish fins and peppers.
Heliane, Vana, Estalinda, and Alfenia watching Victor's dad on the swing.
Vana, Victor's dad, Yohani, Heliane, Dimisa, Estefano, Victor's mom, Erica, Miqueias, and Estalinda.
Everyone relaxing on the hill, enjoying the scenery.
Everyone gathered around the centerpiece of the yard (the orange truck cab).
Vana with her mom, Estalinda.
Yohani and his grandpa. I think Yohani looks exactly like Victor's dad and I always call them "Gemios" ("Twins" in Portuguese). (I'm sorry I could not get them to make the same expression at the same time so you could all see how much they really look like gemios.)
Yohani with his grandparents and cousin, Vana.
Victor's brother Charles with his wife Estalinda and daughter Vana. (Estalinda is also the daughter of Mama Maria, the orphanage cook.)
Me, Heliane, Yohani, and Dimisa.
Two peas in a pod - cousins, Jonas and Estefano, together on their little swing. Miqueias (another one of Victor's brothers) is watching (and it's Miqueias's birthday today (he and Heliane are twins) and he has malaria).


Sunny said...

Yohani is getting soo big. He is toooo cute. Vana is getting big too...beautiful girl. What a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun. I would have steered clear of that fish head though!

David said...

My brother you are doing a recommendable job in your country,may God bless you and your wife. You guys have no idea of your rewards in heaves.I'm blessed to see your blog. God bless you Oscar