Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tonight Victor made me a romantic dinner with taco pasta, his own made up salad that included chick peas and feta cheese, cinnamon toast, guava juice, fruit salad with extra cherries, and mosquito keep away candle. Then he called all the older boys to come to our kitchen to study it and told them that they have to make romantic dinners for their wives (someday when they all have wives). After that he kicked them out and we had the romantic dinner with just the two of us plus Yohani sleeping soundly next to the table. I hope the boys will be receiving many more husband lessons from Victor this year! (And sorry there is no picture of the boys studying the romantic meal!)


Anonymous said...

that is so sweet Christina!!!! Look at Yohani. He is the cutest!

sailhamer said...

what a great idea. victor is a romantic and knows how to maximize the effort. i think you should encourage that training program!