Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yohani standing.
Victor strolling Yohani.
This was a pretty amazing sunset.

New Years Eve

There was a gigantic game of Capture the Flag in the dark. One team had glow-stick bracelets and the other team had glow-stick anklets.
These people are in "jail" and are being guarded by the one on the left.
Yohani and me.
Victor preaching to all who were at the orfanato from New Years Eve to New Years Day (literally a sermon right through the actual year change). Besides the kids, the Tcharuwani Choir and many youth from church came to the orfanato to celebrate with us. In Mozambique churches celebrate New Years even more than Christmas or Easter. Victor says so many people die here that people can't help but reflect on all the friends they've lost during the year and just want to spend New Years thanking God that they are still alive to see the next year begin. This is something that may be hard for us who are not from this continent to really grasp but for Christians here New Years is about their faith and it's always celebrated at or with people from church.

New Years Day

Pete and Mandy and TJ organized a day full of games and the kids LOVED it! This was a mango eating contest and the kids went crazy eating them.
After the mango eating contest.
Another game was dodge ball with water balloons. I am so sorry that I didn't get pictures of all the other games but there were TONS of them. The kids were in heaven. All the kids were divided into 4 groups and Pete kept track of who won each game/activity so that there was one big winner at the end.

And now there will be 14 pictures of people eating a goat . . .

Helder, Estela, Mauricio, Samito, Riquito, Jose, Mena, Virginia, Dorcas, and Alfenia enjoying the goat.
Pilonte, Lazaro, and TJ enjoying the goat.
Dionisio, Canito, Atija, and Belson enjoying the goat.
Pete and Mandy enjoying the goat.
Gil, Francisco, and Marino enjoying the goat.
Martinho, Little Victor, and Salmon enjoying the goat.
Silas, Manuel, Graça, Isaty, Carlitos, Ofeita, and Ganito enjoying the goat.
1/3 of the orfanato enjoying the goat.
More enjoying the goat.
Isaque Pequeno, Clara, Anabela, Minoca, and Gabriel enjoying the goat.
Tomo's girlfriend and Tomo enjoying the goat. Tomo is a great guy who is currently volunteering at another orfanato in the city through Japanese Peace Corps. He has become friends with our orfanato and is so great with the kids. His girlfriend was here visiting for only about one week and they had a great time!
VoVo enjoying the goat sozinho (sozinho, as I have mentioned before on this blog, means "alone" and is one of my favorite Portuguese words).
Victor enjoying the goat while Baby Yohani sleeps soundly.
Daniel drinking a coke after serving the goat to everyone else.
And finally, this guy (Helder) enjoying the goat after he killed it with his bare hands, skinned it, cut it up into pieces, froze it, marinated it, cooked it, and now eats it. How many of us can say that we prepared our own food and mean it like that?!!!

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carol said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. That little guy of yours is growing up way to soon. He is beautiful. May God Bless you as you serve HIM.