Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yohani Eating, Reading, and Working

Yohani turned 6 months old this month and started eating rice cereal. He loves is.
Can't wait for his dad to wipe his face and continue on.
He reads now too.
So far his favorite book is this one where a soft little bunny head pops out and wiggles around and talks to him. It always ends with him trying to eat the bunny head.
He works hard in the office with his dad on the computer.
And he attends staff meetings. Here are some staff and interns in an evening meeting - Solomao with Yohani, Vicente, Marta, Visado, Daniel, and Victor.


Ann Beurskens said...

Christina, Yohani is just beautiful! And SO talented! My kids didn't read until they were 9 months!
Happy Christmas to you and Victor and a blessed 2011.
Much love always!

Jamie said...

haha, that picture of Yohanni in the office with Victor made me laugh!!! Babies, they are not easy to work with on your lap!!!! I remember many times having to do that!