Thursday, December 9, 2010

Regina Graduates From Teachers Training College

On Thursday Regina, one of our girls in the orphanage, graduated from a teachers training college!

The Nampula sports arena was packed with the graduates and their families and friends.

Me and Yohani with Warren, John, Sandra, and Joe at the graduation.

Yohani liked it.

Me and Yohani, Regina, Victor, and Thomas. The orphanage helped Tomas also go to the same college since he has been teaching and tutoring the younger kids at the orphanage for us.

Victor's dad with Yohani, his first grandson.

Vincent, Janete, Tomas, Regina, Daniel, and Solomão at the little orphanage graduation party afterwards. Janete made cakes and the Fishers got soft drinks for all the kids.

VoVo, Manuel, and Gabriel with Yohani, Gil, Ruben, Jeremias, and Carlitos.

Dionisio, Salmon, Merecido, Felix, Sandra, Alberto, and Warren.

Sandra, Salmon, Merecido, Dionisio, Felix, Alberto, and Canito having a good time with a picture book Sandra brought.

Cocas, Graça, Yohani, and Virginia.

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Sunny said...

Congrats to Regina!! Yay! And Yohani is tooo cute!!! I miss him so much!