Saturday, December 25, 2010


Isaque Pequeno, Canito, Riquito, and Dorcas.

Christmas Cookies

On Christmas Eve Minoca and Silas made tons of cookies.
Charity also made tons of cookies and frosting. Then the Rogers Family (Charity, Pete, Noah, Renata, and Asher) and the other Rogers Family (Mandy and Pete) helped everyone frost, sprinkle, and eat! Mandy, Asher, Daniel, Gizela, Terçia, Silas, Leanora, Noah, and Charity.



Christmas Breakfast

For Christmas breakfast we all had Egg McMuffins and sodas. Everyone loved the Egg McMuffins and everyone loved getting pop for breakfast. Belson, Manuel, Virginia, Atija, Isaque Pequeno, Cocas, Estela, Ofeita, Francisco, and Isaty.

TJ, Celso, Martinho, and Solomão.

Marta, Vicente, and Samito.

Jordão, Helder, and VoVo.

Canito, Gil, Ronilda, and Regina.

Carlitos, Nolita, Lazaro, Dionisio, Leanora, and Claudia.

Salmon and Jeremias.

Silas, Zaqueio, and Felix.

After breakfast there were extra Egg McMuffins so TJ thought it would be a good idea to finger-sword-fight for them. Everyone agreed it was a great idea. Thanks Joe for teaching everyone finger-sword-fighting.

Christmas Sermon

I failed to get a picture of the Christmas sermon but there was one. Victor talked about the birth of Jesus and there was a little praise and worship as well.

Christmas Presents

In the afternoon we gathered everyone on the veranda of the boys dorm for presents.

TJ, Mandy, and Pete getting out the stockings Mandy's class (Mandy's a 3rd grade teacher) and other family and friends made and put together for all the kids.

Pete and Mandy are from Spokane, Washington and are volunteering here at the orfanato during their Christmas break. We are thrilled to have them!!!

The kids LOVED the presents!!!!!

Manuel, Terçia, and Cocas.

Isaty, Celso, Belson, and Jose.

Canito, Canito, Jordão, and Gizela.

Mauricio, Martinho, Marino, and Francisco.

Virginia, Anabela, Salmon, Atija, and Isaque Pequeno.

VoVo, Merecido and Samito.

Estela, Ofeita, Lazaro, and Claudia.

Graça and Nolita.

Claudia, Regina, Clara, Silas, and Leanora.


Cocas, Gabriel, Ronilda, Carlitos, and Zaqueio.

TJ got the kids tons of presents too, including soccer balls, mirrors (very very appreciated), chocolate, and bracelets his aunt made for each girl. They LOVED them!

Then TJ asked the kids what they got for him and then he gave them something to give to him, which was a blank notebook for them to write a Macua dictionary in. Very creative TJ.

Christmas Dinner
Kids getting dinner from the dining hall.

I'm sorry I did not get pictures of everyone enjoying the fabulous Christmas dinner. We had chicken and rice with french fries and soda. This is the favorite meal here and always first choice and it was delicious!

Christmas Joy Ride
After Christmas we all went on a big joy ride in the truck.

Even Yohani went and got to sit in front with his dad.

And on the Christmas Joy Ride we saw dozens of goats on top of this container truck.

Thank you so much to everyone who got such wonderful presents for the kids this year and to those who donated for our Christmas meals. Christmas is the highlight of the year for our kids and the only time in their lives that they ever get presents and this kind of big all day party! The kids talk about Christmas all year and they really treasure every little thing they are given, especially personal cards and letters. (They also eat all the candy they get in about 20 minutes!) Again, thank you so much to all those who have made this and every other Christmas SO SO wonderful for our children.

Blessings and Merry Christmas!


Jamie said...

It's so wonderful to see how happy the kids were for Christmas! It looked like a really fun time!!!! TJ seems to really be a great hit there. haha!!! Glad he and the kids are having such a fun time together. Merry Christmas!!!

michele said...

oh I soo wish i could have been there!I am so glad the kids had a great time. I miss you all but it is wonderful to"be there" through the blog. Thanks for all your hard work Christina.Yohani is growing so!. Much love to all