Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goodbye Fishers and Joe!

Joe and John - one final photo before saying goodbye to all the kids.

We had a wonderful, wonderful week with the Fishers and then we took them back to Pemba to catch their flight home to Kenya. We also absolutely loved having Joe here for several weeks - Joe slept in the dorm in a room with a bunch of the boys and the kids had the best time ever playing with him constantly.

Victor and Yohani crashed in the sand while the guys went swimming in the Indian Ocean.

Joe, John, and Estefano.

Estefano and Warren relaxing on the beach.

A big conversation.

Yohani with his uncle, Estefano.

Yohani is so interested in his uncle.

Victor and me with our baby, Yohani.

Sandra helping Yohani try on his first Husky apparel. He loved it.

Warren and Sandra.
Joe and John now in their own little world. I wonder what they're talking about?

And back to sleep for Victor and Yohani.


sandra said...

Christina. I love this sequence of photos! Thinking of you often today. We were talking this morning about the fun day for the kids. Can't wait to hear about it! We love you.
Sandra, Warren, John and Joe.

Jamie said...

You get such great pictures, Christina! That one of Yohanni on Victor looks like Yohanni is a star fish clinging to a rock. Haha!!!