Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Rainy Season Always Starts With A Huge Storm

The rainy season always starts with a bang. There is no easing into it – there are months without a single drop of rain as it gets hotter and hotter and hotter and then suddenly there is a massive storm that ends up destroying everything that isn’t “ready.” It’s also the ultimate test to see how well you did on all your summer building projects.

When the storm hit we were with our wonderful new volunteers outside TJ’s (and now Joe’s) house, which was one of the best places to be because they finished putting a new tin roof on it yesterday. After about half an hour of Jose’s VERY enthusiastic playing in the room where we were all waiting out the storm, we all realized how funny it was that only one kid was with us and it just happened to be Jose (basically the wildest of all the kids).

Victor with Baby Yohani, Joe (from Portland and the University of Washington), Patricia (from Switzerland), Courtney (from Michigan), Jose, and TJ waiting out the storm.

The northwest corner of the orfanato. Last time I was here for a gigantic storm this is where the boys were in their tents!!!!! (To see it click here.) This time nobody had to swim in it so they just reminisced about their days in the tents and skipped rocks like they were on the edge of a lake.

Jose, Lazaro, Courtney, Isaque Pequeno, Manuel, Gil, Pilonte, Joe, TJ, Patricia, Ofeita, Samito, Mauricio, Ronilda, Cocas, Leanora, and Atija.

Me and Little Cutsie. And that in the background is where the boys are all living now – in their dry and secure dormitory! And the huge rock pile you see is what will be the beginning of the girls dormitory, which we hope to begin constructing very soon!

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