Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Please Pray for Zaqueio

Zaqueio is one of the oldest boys in the orphanage and he is a wonderful, wonderful young man. He is the younger brother of Alzira, who passed away earlier this year. Last night we found him in such excruciating pain that he could not talk. Victor rushed him to the hospital where they sedated him and then did many tests. He was able to see two kind doctors and then spent the night in the hospital. This morning TJ and others have been visiting him. We are now just waiting for the doctor to return and figure out what’s going on, but we suspect it may be some kind of hernia.

Please keep Zaqueio in your prayers and we will give an update when we know more. Thank you.

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Sunny said...

I am praying for Zaqueio. Yes, he is so wonderful. Hope Drs can find out what it is and they would be helpful and gracious.