Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Joe's Games

Joe is from Portland and the University of Washington. We get to have him here at the orfanato for a few weeks and we can only imagine how sad everyone will be when he leaves. Joe came to the orphanage with TONS of games and this is the best, funnest thing you could possibly do here. I'm sorry I only have photos of a small percentage of them.
In this game you can't move your feet while you try to tip over your opponent before he knocks you down.

Finger sword-fighting. I think this is the funniest game so far. The ones playing it can not stop laughing and neither can anyone watching. The two opponents lock hands and then whoever touches the other one first (with their finger) wins.

I knew I would not be bored when I went outside and found Joe and TJ with a huge stick (weighing who knows how much) and some kids and some mangos.

There was baseball . . .

Hitting and pitching.

There was even T-ball!!!



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momsi/Nonni said...

I absolutely LOVE IT!! Can't wait to use some of those games with the groups here.=D