Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is our kitchen at 5:00am. Yes, the sun is already bright and shining at this hour and we still have a month left until the longest day of the year (here in the southern hemisphere)! I am convinced that Mozambique is in the wrong time zone. I think we’re two hours off.

And this is Yohani taking his first nap of the day (at 5:30am).

Besides being Thanksgiving today was also TJ’s birthday so we started the day with a French Toast breakfast to celebrate.

Courtney with Yohani, Patricia, Joe, TJ, and Victor. (And this is before TJ sought out his annual birthday haircut from a barber that had never touched “white people’s hair” before.)

At dinner time TJ told the story of Thanksgiving. Victor wore a blue tie with his t-shirt to celebrate TJ’s birthday and all the kids thought that was funny.

TJ, Joe, Courtney, and Patricia got special food for the whole orfanato. Since there were no turkeys or pumpkins in Nampula (that we could find) we instead had chicken, rice, French fries, soft drinks, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies (made with Pecan pie chocolate chips)!

VoVo, Courtney, Joe, and Patricia serving the food.

Thanks to Josh Nichols the kids already know the American birthday tradition of spanking! Luckily TJ’s only 24 or this may have gotten way more out-of-hand.

Some kids even leaped over counters to get TJ for his birthday!

Victor held TJ down while dozens of small children joyfully pummeled him. Only Yohani (being held by Erica) seemed concerned.

Happy Thanksgiving!


momsi/Nonni said...

Looks like there was fun had by all! Happy Birthday to TJ!!

Sunny said...

There are many abobora/maraboks in Mozambique!!! :) Happy Birthday to TJ and Hope you guys had a great week!

michele said...

I love your kitchen!so sunny and bright.What is this"tempoary" house going to be when you guys move back to your place?I have tried to comment on the blog many times but have never figured out how. Maybe this time will work!!Love you all

Jamie said...

Sounds like you guys are always having fun!