Friday, October 15, 2010

How The Kids Get New Clothes

A lot of people have asked how we get clothes for all the kids.

A few days ago we went to a warehouse and bought several gigantic bundles of clothing. The clothing comes from the U.S. and is used but it great condition and is sorted into bundles (adult t-shirts, children’s t-shirts, adult pants, children’s pants, etc.). We are not sure if they are supposed to be selling these donated clothes, but normally street vendors buy them and sell them absolutely everywhere. (I don’t think you can take a trip to town without someone coming up to you and trying to sell you a pair of pants.)

We gathered all the kids on the porch of the boys’ dorm and told them to bring all their clothes.

Then we opened the bundles, read all the t-shirts, discarded the ones with bad words, and sorted the rest on the porch railing.

After that Victor called each kid up and inspected his or her clothes and then confiscated the ones that were too dirty and torn up to ever be worn again. Then TJ confiscated all the boys clothes that are supposed to be girls clothes. (This actually started several weeks ago when I (jokingly) told TJ not to let little Canito continue wearing these blue floral leggings. The next thing I knew, Canito came to me looking like he was about to cry and asked me why I did not want him to have any pants. TJ thought it was very funny. But at least now they are Ofeita’s pants and look a million times better on her.)

TJ didn't think Rock should have this "Don't Make Me Pout" sweatshirt.

Some of the kids’ clothes were ridiculously dirty and torn up (from playing really hard) but when Carlitos presented his clothes Victor was so impressed that he quieted everyone down and then declared that Carlitos would receive an egg for having the best smelling clothes. I thought this was really funny.

After the clothes inspection each kid was sent to the right pile to pick a certain number of shirts and a certain number of pants.

At the end everyone was very happy.

Jeremias in his new outfit.


Jamie Bagge said...

that was a fun story! sorry it's been so hot there lately! That was a cute picture of Yohanni with the fan on him. Haha! You are so resourceful. :)

momsi/Nonni said...

He looks very handsome and the picture of Yohanni reminds me of Joshua at that age....ssoooo cute!!