Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Day . . .

Waking up.
Playing with Uncle Miqueias.
Working with Daddy on the construction site.
Watching the boys play soccer.
Their soccer jerseys are awesome. Look how they're holding up OCC team!
Some guys hanging out on some rocks. Back: Martinho, Mauricio, Celso, Marino, Francisco, Merecido, Riquito, Canito, TJ, Dionisio, Little Victor, Front: Isaty, Samito, Salmon, Jordao, VoVo, and Jose.
Minoca, Anabela, Clara, and Gizela.
Joaquim, Lazaro, and Mutilima.
Girls playing this fun game that all the girls play here and that boys are not allowed to play (unless they're visitors from other countries who are trying to experience all the games and don't know what all the boys from here think about them playing this one).
Isaty showing TJ his homework. For some reason a whole crowd was needed to explain what Isaty had learned in school today.

Note: You may notice that I am suddenly calling Isaty "Isaty" instead if "Isaque." Well . . . to make a long story short . . . Mozambique is a country where the female literacy rate is 32.7% (CIA World Fact Book). It is probably difficult for anyone reading this blog to truly "get" the implications of this and how much it affects the entire society. But basically spelling is not necessarily set in stone and to say that it's not given the same importance as it's given in the U.S. would be a massive understatement. These past few weeks we've been getting ID cards for all the kids and have been tracking down birth certificates that are revealing some spellings different from what we have in our records. So if you notice any changes in the spelling of names here in the future, this is why.

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Mana G said...

Is that the boys dorm behind the girls playing the game? If so, it looks really nice!