Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TJ is Back!!!

About a year ago TJ came and volunteered at the orphanage for a few months. He made a HUGE difference in the lives of the kids and they were heartbroken when he left. But unbeknownst to the kids, he planned to come back for even longer. We decided to keep his return a complete surprise. This evening Victor took Rock and Cocas to the airport, pretending they had to pick up bags of food. They went up on the airport balcony and watched people getting off the plane. The second TJ’s head popped out of the airplane door, Rock recognized him and screamed, “TJ!!!” After a wonderful little mini-reunion with Rock and Cocas, they drove back to the orphanage where all the kids were in the dining hall waiting for dinner. Victor pulled the car right up to the cafeteria door and TJ got out of the car. The second they saw him, the entire 50 + kids started screaming and all ran full speed through the door and mauled TJ with hugs! All the kids were shocked to see him! They are beyond thrilled that TJ is back! And they just can’t believe he appeared out of nowhere!

You can follow TJ’s stories on his blog . If you do, you will be very entertained by him.