Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Bairro in Nampula

My Dad, Virginia, and Graca walking on the main road near the orfanato.
Mauricio, Martinho, Salmon, Marino, Manuel, Merecido, Gizela, and Anabela leaving on the path to school.
My parents walked to school with the kids almost everyday.
Once at the school they would find hundreds of children who wanted their pictures taken. They had tons of funny stories about it. My mom said that every time she would take a picture, all the kids would cheer!
Felix, Graca, my dad, Cocas, Gizela, and Virginia walking on the path between the orfanato and the main road.
Stopping at a barraca (little store) to get tomatoes.
Estela, Ronilda, Ofeita, and Atija.

Coming across Victor's parents on the motorcycle.
Gil, VoVo with a cute little girl, Janete, my mom, and Rock at Janete's house. Apparently I am the only person in the orphanage who still feels traumatized by what happened to our pet dog Simba last year because this new dog in the picture has also been named "Simba" by the kids.
Faina is the name of our area and this is part of the Faina market.
More of the Faina market. (Yes, I realize it's not the most picturesque thing.)
A man who is always sitting right there in front of the tile store.
Coffin sheets for sale.
We run into the orphanage truck taking the church youth group somewhere.
Some of the little restaurants are painted very colorfully. This one (in English) is called, "Little Fat Bar."

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