Sunday, September 5, 2010

Church and Sunday

A blessing for our baby, Yohani, with both our parents in the church where Victor grew up.
Victor's parents doing a little dance of celebration, welcoming Yohani into the church.
Praise and Worship - Victor leading, my dad playing saxophone, Anabela, Graca, and Clara singing, Jeremias on keyboard, and Silas playing bass guitar.
Victor's mom with Yohani.
Joel, VoVo and Lazaro.
The oldest widow in Nampula holding Yohani.
Dorcas and Marta.
A little piece of land we have a few hundred yards from the orphanage.
Church youth choir practicing songs for an upcoming wedding.
Victor and my dad laughing about something.
We think Yohani has my dad's feet.
My parents, Carol and Mickey.
Me, Victor, and Yohani on our little property.

On the joy ride my parents went on with the kids, on my favorite street with all the coconut palms.
Going up the mountain where people pray and where they chip rock for construction.
In front of the Nampula Cathedral (Martinho, Celso, and Isaque).
Stopping for ice cream (Samito, Belson, Canito, Ronilda, Ofeita, Nolita, Mena, Cocas, and Jose).
Yohani in the stroller/net contraption that I am now putting him in every evening.
The kids looking at Yohani in it.
Singing on the steps of the boys dorm at night (Jose dancing).
Merecido, Rock, and my Dad.
Mama Maria.


Argyro said...


I stumbled across your blog a couple of months ago, and I would like to say that I am fascinated by the work you two are doing and by the great strength of spirit you both seem to have. Amazing.

eva witte said...

Hi, Christina,
you remember - we met at Jo'Burg airport waiting for the plane to Maputo /Nampula during the riots. We finished our filming at the Ilha last week. Now back in Germany.
Coming to the Ilha this time was like coming "home". I don't know why this small island (like Sao Tomé five years ago) is so fascinating. Thanks God we are able do discover places like these by work.
Hope you are well. Saudacoes Eva (German TV)

Jamie Bagge said...

Looks like Victor's parents are pretty happy about little Yohani! Sweet! Glad that your parents are having such a great time too!