Saturday, September 4, 2010

Arriving Back At The Orfanato

Nolita, Atija, Cocas, Minoca with Yohani, Graca, Ronilda, Manuel, Jose, and Dorcas.

Yohani with his Grandma Amelia and Uncle Miqueias at the airport.

Minoca and Dorcas.

Regina (and Atija in the back).

Yohani with his Uncle Estefano.

Yohani with his Aunt Dimissa.

Yohani socializing with his cousin Vanna, Dorcas, Mena, and Ofeita.

Dorcas, Ofeita, Mena, and Vanna. (Look at Dorcas’s little outfit!)

Fresh greens coming into the orphanage kitchen.

All the little boys bringing sacks of rice and beans into the orphanage warehouse.

Erica and Jonas with Baby Yohani.

My dad studying Portuguese in the kitchen (in our house).

The next morning . . .

Sand ready and waiting for girls dorm construction to begin.

Rocks ready and waiting for girls dorm construction to begin.

We went to the Central Market.

We got all our produce.

Then we went back to the orphanage and everyone played with the baby. It’s especially cute and funny how all the little boys want to hold Yohani.

Samito with Baby.

Francisco with Baby.

Canito with Baby.

Gil with Baby.

Dorcas and Claudia with Baby.

And Jose with Baby.


Anonymous said...

Hey Christina,
Remember me from OCC?
SO happy that you and your family arrived and that you are safe. Sounds like it was pretty scary.
I would love to get your email address so that I can write you.
Mine is
Tammy Kay

Jamie Bagge said...

Wow, Yohani will be a loved little boy with lots of family!!!! So cute to see everyone welcoming him! T-shirt Printing said...

What a lucky boy to have such great parents and able to share in love