Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Around the Orfanato with My Mom and Dad

Atija, Ofeita, my mom, my dad, Nolita, Cocas with Yohani, Ronilda, Canito, and Belson watching soccer.
My dad doing a bible study with Clara, Cocas, Nolita, and Minoca. Somehow the language barrier didn't thwart this.
My mom, VoVo, and Gil on the rocks.
Leonora with Baby Yohani. Please notice Little Victor in the background grilling chicken on a grate sitting on a wheelbarrow filled with burning coals.
VoVo, Gil, Anabela, Leonora, Celso, Canito, Mena, and Atija gathered around Little Victor and his chicken dinner BBQing.
A ladder is climbed up in mid air. Apparently you don't need the other side of the ladder or a wall to lean against.
Graca, Baby Yohani, and Virginia with a picture of the Sleppy family.
My dad, Nolita, Cocas with Yohani, Ronilda, and Ofeita.
Samito break dancing in the boys dorm. That floor has to be break danced on!
Of course Little Jose joins in.
Yohani bathing on the kitchen table.
I'm too crazy for how cute I think Yohani is right now!
Cocas and Gizela making banana bread with my mom.
Cocas, Gizela, and my mom in our kitchen.
My parents with the Tcharuwani choir after hearing them sing their whole CD in the office. I LOVE their music - it is SO beautiful!!!
This man lives in our bairro and when we would pass by his house he would come out and say (in Macua), "When are you going to have a kid so I can see what it'll look like?" We ran into him on the way to church this week and he came out and seemed like he approved of Yohani's looks. Here he is with Yohani, Victor, and Dorcas.
Everyone in our little church waiting outside before the service.
My dad communicating with VoVo and Nolita.
Boys playing marbles.
Martinho, Marino, and my dad. I don't know what's going on.
Me and Yohani at breakfast at the Bamboo.
My dad and Victor.
My mom getting capulanas (beautiful African cloth used for everything) for all the girls.
Older girls picking out capulanas.
Younger girls picking out capulanas.
Anabela, Tercia, Silas, my mom, Marta, Leonora, Claudia, and Janete, Regina, and Gizela.
My mom and dad with Nolita, Cocas, Ronilda, Virginia, Graca, Mena, and Ofeita. All the girls loved their new capulanas! And thanks to my mom who took almost all the pictures.


Sunny said...

Those capulanas look so beautiful on the girls. These photos make me want to be with you guys soooo bad...!!

Jamie Bagge said...

I love all the new cloth for the girls! That was so nice. Also loved the pictures of Yohanni bathing in a pot. So cute!