Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Month in the U.S.

Michele visiting us in Seattle.
After our baby was born we were able to spend a little bit of time with some of our friends and family in Seattle, California, and in the South. There are still quite a few people very dear to us who we have not seen in a long time and we are so sorry we were not able to get together with everyone before leaving.
We are a little obsessed with our new baby right now so please bear with us as he is in every single picture . . .

Sandra with Baby Yohani.

Trish with Baby Yohani.

Jessica and Claire with Baby Yohani.

Gretchen with Baby Yohani.

The Bryngelson Family in South Carolina. Jordan, Lisa, and Bayne; Arthur, Michele, and Yohani; Jonathan, Brook, and Minnie; Lee and Jessica; Victor and Christina; Ranae, Joyce, Grandfather, Grandmother, and Sarah; Sam, Thomas, and Matson

The Evanjafrica Board. John Nichols, Kathy Wall, Victor Carlos, Michele Bryngelson, and Don Shackelford.

The Nichols Family in Georgia. Josh, Sarah, Joe, Mama Nichols, Baby Yohani, and Papa Nichols.

The Cameron Family in Arkansas. (Patrick and his daughter Bethany picking us up in South Carolina. There may be a family photo coming later.)

Yohani swimming with his dad.

Yohani with his grandma, Carol.

Yohani with his aunt, Sunny.

Me, my grandma MorMor, my mom Carol, my sister Ann with Yohani, and my niece Mia.

Our cousins, the Sailhamers in California. James, Adrienne with Cora, Mike with Lincoln, Hilary, my dad, Me, Victor, my mom, Luke, Abby, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Paul. (Please ignore that this picture was taken 2 years ago. I somehow forgot to get a group photo this time and the bizarre collage I tried photo shopping together was not turning out well.)

The cousins, second generation (this year). Luke, Cora, Abby, Bryce, Nate, Yohani, Mia, Lincoln, and Mikey.

My grandma Evelyn with Yohani and Victor.

My Berberian family in California. Mike, Natey, Grandma, Yohani, Me, Victor, Uncle Dan, my mom, Mia, Ann, and Auntie Linda.

The house where we lived in California when I was born.

The Beurskens. Katie with Yohani, Me, Victor, Peter (in chair), Ann, Abdul, and Carrrie.

Yohani with his cousin, Mia.

Yohani with his cousin, Nate and uncle, Mike.

Yohani with his aunt, Ann.

Yohani with his uncle, Peter.

Yohani with his grandpa, Mickey.

Yohani and Natey in their baseball outfits.

Yohani getting lots of vaccines before we left.

Baby Dedication at Elim.

My dad praying for Yohani in front of the church.

Celebrating Natey’s 2nd birthday before we left. The best thing about being in Seattle over the past year has been getting to spend so much time with my little niece and nephew – Mia and Nate. I will miss them so much and can’t wait for them to visit us in Mozambique!

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Jamie Bagge said...

you guys were SO BUSY!!! Wow, all the people that you saw. Amazing! (and wonderful) Hope you'll be able to catch your breath now! :)