Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our New Baby Yohani

We are so happy to announce the birth of our baby boy, Yohani Victor Carlos, born on June 16, 2010.
The moment after he came out he immediately grabbed his dad’s finger with his little hand.
Victor with our wonderful Dr. Joki who has cared for us throughout the whole pregnancy and delivery of the baby.

We had a great time in the hospital – cared for by really good nurses and so happy to have this baby.
My whole family was there to welcome Yohani home! Peter, Sunny, Me, Victor with Baby Yohani, my parents Carol and Mickey, Mike, Ann with Nate, and Mia.

Baby and Daddy. Victor chose the name Yohani, which is the Macua translation for the name John, in honor of Baby John.

Listening to his grandma playing the piano.

Yohani with his cousins Nate and Mia.

In his sleeping outfit - this is what he wears to bed every night and we think he's really funny in it!
Thank you to all who have prayed for us and encouraged us during the pregnancy. We are so grateful to God for this baby and we are SO happy to have him. We are now enjoying our time with Christina’s family in the U.S. before we return to Mozambique at the end of August.

Thursday, June 10, 2010



We are shocked, devastated, and heartbroken to report that our beautiful and beloved Alzira passed away yesterday morning at 4am.

Alzira was like an angel and a shining star in the orphanage. She was fearless, kind, hard-working, always put others before herself, and loved God with all her heart. She was one of our first kids to ever complete 11th grade and then went on to become an elementary school teacher in a nearby village. That is where she met her husband, Rodrigo, also a teacher. Victor performed their marriage ceremony just five months ago in January and everyone was overjoyed at the celebration. Alzira was the first kid from the orphanage to get married. She was completely healthy, strong, and so happy.

Last week we got news that she was newly pregnant and that her body had become so swollen that she was not able to go to work. She reported that her vision was also affected. Victor had family members immediately take her to the hospital back in Nampula. When he talked to her on the phone she sounded upbeat and positive. A few days later we heard that she had been moved to intensive care. Last night we received the news that she had passed away.

We know that Alzira is in heaven but those who loved her are suffering greatly now as she is gone so suddenly and in the prime of her life. It is hard to understand how something like this could have happened. Please pray especially for her brand new husband, Rodrigo, her younger brother Zaqueio, her mother, her students, those who served with her on the orphanage staff, and all the kids in the orphanage who loved her so dearly. Also – Alzira was very special to Victor and it is terrible for him to be gone during this time.

Older girls in the orphanage the day they got new shoes from the market (2007). Janete, Regina, Sara, Alzira, Silas, Claudia, Leonora, and Clara.

Alzira looking through the window of the old cooking house (2007).

Outside the cooking house with the boys (2007). Helder, Jeremias, Felix, Alberto, Alzira, Filipe, and Rock.

On a staff retreat to Nacala (2007). Netercia, Silva, Alberto, Alzira, and Janete.

Alzira and Janete playing in the ocean at Nacala. This was the first time in their lives that either of them had ever seen the ocean and it was so fun to be there when they first experienced it.

Alzira, Victor, and Janete at Nacala (2007).

Three girls on staff eating corn in our living room (2008). Marta, Alzira, and Janete.

With the orphanage girls on the day of her graduation from IMAP, the teachers training college (2008). Claudia, Alzira, Silas, Janete, Regina, Gizela, Leonora, and Minoca.

Graduation Day (2008). Alzira’s mom, Alzira, me, and Victor’s mom.

Alzira with her brother Zaqueio (2008).

Rodrigo and Alzira on their wedding day with Victor (2010).

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