Thursday, February 4, 2010


We are so pleased to announce that after a year and a half we have finally completed our beautiful new boys dorm!!!

Last week the boys all moved out of their little “tent land” where they have survived through two rainy seasons!!!

As Felix put the finishing touches on the inside of the new dorm . . .

the rest of the orfanato engaged in a final scrub down of the front porch and everything else.

Everyone worked really hard to clean each nook and cranny of the brand new dorm.

Little Jose LOVES all-orphanage projects!

After the front steps were sparkling . . .

it was time to bring the beds in . . .

and set them up in the bedrooms.

Finally the dorm was completely ready and the kids were just waiting for the inauguration day to move in. (
Click here to compare this picture with the old dorm, which was destroyed over a year ago after it had half-way collapsed on its own.)

On Saturday morning it was time for our guests to arrive!

We were honored to have friends and family from church, the missionary community, the neighborhood, social services, and even the local media celebrate with us as we inaugurated the dorm with a ribbon cutting ceremony, prayers, singing, dancing, and eating!

Victor introduced the staff - Sr. Jaime, Mama Laura (cook), Joaquim (guard), Silva, Helder, Mutilima (guard), Mama Maria (cook), Marta, Janete, Victor, and Visado.

And then the pastors who counsel with our kids. Pastor Coelho, Pastor Mocala (Victor’s dad), and Pastor Martins, with Victor introducing them. Pastor Coelho gave a message about the orphans portion in God and that this ministry came from the heart of God so everyone can be involved in some way.

There was lots of singing from the band.

Even clowns performed! (For all those who have been wondering what Mozambican clowns look like . . . )

The pastors prayed for Victor and the ministry.

The pastors prayed for the dorm and those who will be sleeping inside it.

And then they cut the ribbon and opened the front doors!

After that everyone was able to look through the dorm, eat and dance more.

After all the festivities the boys moved into their rooms for good. Here they are on the side steps of their beautiful new building!!!

Again, thank you so much all who have helped us in the construction of this dorm. We are all just overjoyed and so thankful for this beautiful, new and safe facility!!!


Damarise Turnbull said...

Wow!!! Praise the Lord!!! I am sooo thankful that the boys dorm is now being used :) It looks so great!!

momsi/Nonni said...

We are so excited!!! I know everyone is thrilled and we pray that there will many days of peace and blesings for all who enter those beautiful doors. To God be the Glory!

Kevin said...

Thanks for not getting my legs in the pic!
It was a great day to celebrate God's faithfulness!
Cheers, Kevin

Jamie Bagge said...

IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! You must be so excited!!! I AM!!!

AJO4O said...

BWANA YESU ASIFIWE NDUGU YANGU! I'm soo happy to see that God is working thru and in you mightily. Those boys sure look happy! Bye bye tent land:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Victor and Christina.

I am truly amazed for all what God has akllowed you and Christina to do in the lives of the needy ones.
I am Raul Novinte, the uncle of Abudo who happens to be your friend from Nacala. I am in Brazil now.

Please, see if you can provide me with your email and of Abudo´s.

My email addresses are:, or you can reach me by (MSN), and finally

I´ll be waiting for your response.

May God continue to guide you in hirs purposes!