Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back in the U.S.A.

Victor and me in Seattle on Valentines Day.

Victor has finally arrived in Seattle and we are so happy to be together. We have some great news, which is that we are expecting a baby in June.  I have had complications with the pregnancy from the beginning and am so grateful to have a really amazing doctor who has been treating me since. We did not feel like Victor could be away from the orphanage this entire time so he did not come until last week and will go back to Nampula in April and May and then return to Seattle again by June. During this time I have missed Victor so much but have loved spending time with my family, who I am really close to (and friends, cold weather, and cheeseburgers). Thank you so much for all your prayers, especially during this time!

In my parents’ kitchen – my sister Ann, Victor, and me.

Victor and our nephew Nate at breakfast. We last saw Nate the week he was born so it’s been really fun playing with him now that he’s running around. Nate is 1½ and hasn’t said my name yet but was already yelling out, “Dictor!” as soon as Victor got here.

Our niece Mia with Victor and me (and a marzipan heart cake). I see Mia everyday and have loved every second I’ve spent with her and think she is SO funny! Today when we were watching the Olympics she suddenly exclaimed, “I don’t want Victor to get old!”


Andrea said...

Wow, I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations! Meredith is missing Mia, I will have to get together with her soon.

Hannah Marie said...

Awww that is SO exciting!!! I am so happy for you both! :)

momsi/Nonni said...

So so Good to see ya'll even if it is in picture form So very glad Victor could be with you for a while. Praying that all will continue to go well. We love you both and can't wait to see all in the near future. Kids are missin ya and prayin for you too. Momma Nichols

Kevin said...

Hey guys...well, Cami finally has Malaria! She is ok, the rest of us are doing ok without her...we miss you guys. We are now looking at land out your way or behind Bamboo...our Director said it a good idea, so lo and behold my wisdom prevailed. Don't know if anything will happen before we leave. Our plans are for July 17! Love you all! Take care. Kevin