Saturday, January 2, 2010

Feliz Novo Ano!

Happy New Year! Graça, Minoca, Virginia, Anabela, and Little Ofeita

The kids enjoyed a great New Year’s celebration at the orfanato!

On New Year’s Eve there was dancing all night long
Canito, Jose, Isac Pequeno, Mena and Jordão on the new dorm steps.

while the band played for hours.
Gabriel, Felix, Silas, and Gil

There was sound system adjusting,

more dancing,
Ofeita, Dorcas, and Leonora

card playing,
Estela and Little Victor

Pilonte, Guard Mutilima, and Dionisio

and more dancing (which never ended)!

Some people finally fell asleep right in the middle of it all on the ground outside

But others never went to bed.

On New Years morning all were up early for even more guitar playing and singing. (It’s hard to sleep in when the sun is bright and shining at 4:30am.)
Belson, VoVo, Dionisio, Leonora, Canito, Gil (w/guitar), and Merecido

The chicken cooked,
By the way – this is how chicken is grilled over the fire here.

the food was dished out,
Jeremias, Helder, and Marta

and everyone happily consumed the New Years feast!
Marino, Ofeita, Minoca, Mena, Anabela, Canito, Jose, and Virginia.

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Georgia said...

It looks like everyone had a great time! The kids look wonderful. I wish I had bright sun at 0430.